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Suppose I win a $1,200+ jackpot. The casino is required to pay and I'm required to show valid ID. But surely I'm not obligated to allow them to scan my ID? Suppose they demand to scan my ID, make me do 10 push-ups, give them my Facebook password, and name my first-born child after them. What is my recourse? Basically, I find this to be violation of information privacy. They have no right to scan my ID and jeopardize my information. I want a ruling from Nevada Gaming Control and sanctions against any casino that withholds a jackpot.


Yes, casinos must ask for valid ID to hand-pay jackpots.

“That is an IRS requirement,” says the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s senior research analyst, Michael Lawton. “NRS 463.350 requires licensees not to allow anyone under 21 to gamble or loiter on the casino floor. But that would be our only requirement for ID.”

Id Kansas To Real New Compliant Unveils Design If you hit a jackpot of $1,200 or more on a slot or video poker machine, the machine goes into what's called “IRS lockdown,” whereupon you're presented with paperwork to fill out in order to collect your jackpot. However, scanning IDs so that the casino can record your information is an often underhanded trick on the part of pit and cage personnel that's not part of any legal requirement. 

One casino company that doesn’t scan IDs is Boyd Gaming. Says Boyd spokesman David Strow, “We are required to view and verify an ID when a player wins a taxable jackpot. In most cases, our employee will take the ID to a work station to fill out the required paperwork (which is reviewed and verified by a supervisor). However, we do not actually scan the player’s ID during this process. (Note that if a player refuses to provide an ID, we can’t release the jackpot. It will be held on deposit at the cage, but the player would need to provide ID to pick it up.)”

MGM Resorts spokeswoman Callie Driehorst adds, “At MGM Resorts properties, we do not need to scan the ID. In most cases, there is already a verified ID on file via the guest’s MLife account. If the guest requests that we not scan their ID, we can accommodate, but would still need to visually see the ID to confirm the guest’s identity.”

There are a lot of reasons that casinos might scan an ID. One of them is explained on the website of Veridocs, founded in 2005 to assist big business in interacting with patrons to address the directives of the USA Patriot Act, passed following 9/11. In October 2006, the Venetian was the first casino to install Veridocs and today it's used by many casinos in pits, card rooms, nightclubs, and hotel front desks, for security and surveillance, cage and credit applications, and compliance with ID-verification regulations. 

"In the gaming industry," according to Veridocs, "any property can be exposed to a number of fraudulent activities such as under-aged gambling/drinking, fake credit cards/checks, and money laundering. Larger gaming operators with highly complex businesses involving restaurants, bars, nightclubs, retail stores, hotels, and theme-park operations are clearly exposed to more fraud as well as increased regulatory scrutiny. In response, most operators have established an internal fraud department with a variety of procedures in place that have helped mitigate risks and lower the overall financial impact of fraudulent activity. At Veridocs, we believe fraud mitigation starts with a robust ID validation and verification system." 

Scanning IDs also often involves suspicions of card counting or advantage play. We've heard many many stories about casino personnel demanding to see ID -- and not just to pay out jackpots, but also for large cashouts at the cage. When an unsuspecting or novice player hands it over, the employee runs off to the printer or scanner and then it's too late to stop the ID from being scanned. The only safeguard against this is being forewarned, such as by this answer, and refusing to hand the ID to the employee. In most cases, they just have to see it to verify it and they don't need to take it anywhere. In the case of Boyd, you can accompany the employee to the work station without ever giving up your ID.

We don't know of any casino in Nevada that scans every ID. But most places do have a scanner as a sort of secondary checker, if the ID doesn't quite pass the eye test, or to check against the Black Book for banned people, or to check against internal databases of people they've trespassed, etc. 



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Id Kansas To Real New Compliant Unveils Design
  • [email protected] Jan-17-2019
    ID scanning in the south?
    "In other areas, such as Mississippi, Louisiana, and Missouri, however, they scan everyone's ID on the way in the door. "
    Um, citation please. I've been in every casino in Louisiana and Mississippi except for two remote tribal ones and I've never had my ID scanned at entry. I've had it visually inspected and I've seen lots of younger folk get carded to ensure they are over 21 but I've never seen any ID scanned upon entry

  • Candy Wright Jan-17-2019
    no scanning at the door 
    Ditto what campbellkd14 said.  They have security people who's job is to eyeball persons and check the ID of anyone who they aren't sure is of legal age.  Certainly not "everyone."  It isn't that easy to determine the age 21 cutoff.
    Anyone bought a scratch-off at a terminal lately?  Yep, you have to scan your DL before it allows you to proceed, to verify your legal age to gamble.  Does it file the other info?  They say no.  Who knows, but if I want to buy a ticket, that's the requirement.

  • Loubou 8 Facebook Creative For Inspirations Amazing Cover - Photos
    Ronald Ziotkowski Jan-17-2019
    Scanning in Vegas is not limited to casinos
    I went to the Stage Door bar in December and my ID was not only "checked" but scanned.  TWO guards at the door.  (FYI I am 70 so they sure weren't verifying my age.)  I asked why they were scanning and was told that after the Mandalay Bay tragedy they wanted to know who was in their establishment at any given time.
    I am definitely not a friend of "Big Brother", but I saw the reasoning given the location.  It is a very basic screening tool to control access. If someone showed up with no ID it would be a red flag. Also if a person who was going to cause trouble in a bar knew that he would be scanned going in, he may have second thoughts
    That said, if I was lucky enough to win a large jackpot, I would NOT allow my ID to be scanned.  

  • Jackie Jan-17-2019
    Legally, only law enforcement in uniform or after showing proper ID may take your ID into possession.  NO ONE else is allowed to take your ID in possession for any reason, not even to let them hold it temporarily to read and then hand it back.  Most people comply with a temporary look but do not have to comply, simply hold the edges by your fingers and show it for viewing, if they complain simply say "Call an officer of the law".  If they refuse then you call siting attempted theft of ID.  See how fast tunes change.

  • deke @ lva Jan-17-2019
    Southern casinos
    Our source for the statement that casinos in the south scan IDs is a young advantage player of our acquaintance. He's played in most of the casino in Mississippi and Louisiana and tells us that his ID has always been scanned. That's probably because he's young and they're checking him -- and he drew an inference from that. We've removed the statement from the answer.

  • Dave in Seattle. Jan-17-2019
    In Arlington,WA.
    See my Trip Advisor contribution.
      My license was scanned upon entry.

  • ‹ Center Hs For Students Health Stress Education Coping With Poe › –
    [email protected] Jan-17-2019
    They've always scanned my ID at the cage when I first use my casino credit.  However, I see it mostly as a courtesy, since every subsequent time I go to the cage on that or subsequent trips, they are able to pull my ID up on their computer screen so I don't have to dig it out again.  Not sure why the big todo about this - I don't see where it is any different from having my ID scanned into the computer at my doctor's office.  I think some people are far to prone to assume nefarious intent!

  • Roy Jan-17-2019
    What, me worry?
    I find it odd people are so supicious of the scanning of their ID and yet go on the internet and comment and never worry about their ID's being taken. A casino has no reason to steal your identity or use it in a nefarious way and most already have it in their database which is subjected to hacking anyway, so it's not sensible to worry any more about someone physically scanning your ID card in a casino. I'd be more worried about the small company that stores your credit card info or any online business having your SSN.

By 2020, Kansas residents will need to update their drivers licenses to a new design announced Thursday by the Kansas Department of Revenue.Kansas unveils new ID design to be REAL ID compliant